DOTS Reporters

DOTS Reporters reveal important information to dreamers that need help. They are talented and effective communicators who know how and when to persuade, inform and report.

Catching Dreams

When D.O.T.S. Reporters catch a dream in their dream machines, they carefully log all the items that they find. They describe what they see in detailed reportswhich are sent directly to D.O.T.S Headquarters

Fixing Dreams

As well as reporting back to D.O.T.S Headquarters, D.O.T.S. Reporters also fix dreams. They help dreamers by creating messages designed to give the dreamer more confidence. For example, the dream might reveal to the dreamer why they are such an important person and how they might change the future. People are often worried about going on adventures or trying something new,or about speaking out when they know something is wrong.When people are worried, sometimes their dreams are worrying too!D.O.T.S. reporters know how to persuade and encourage people to keep trying their best and doing the right thing, even when things seem hard or a bit scary. Some dreams, fixed by our D.O.T.S agents,have helped people make the world a better place to live.