Agent Updates

If there is a dream cloud heading towards your school, we will contact you to ask you to join the dots (if you are not a member already) and help us to complete our latest mission. We need you to help us help dreamers in need!


If you are currently training to be an agent or are on a mission we have set up a DOTS blog for your class to help you to share your ideas and theories and to support you to work together as a team. Your agent updates from the DOTS Dream Director can be accessed here and you are also able to post your findings, discoveries and questions. 

Please note that your real names must not appear on any of the documents (agent names only). If images or films are uploaded, you must not be identifiable (as it is ESSENTIAL that the identity of all agents remains a SECRET!).

Your DOTS blog is only for agents in your class. When you post comments they will not appear immediately as they will be released only when your class teacher has read them. When your messages appear on the blog, only members of your class (who are logged in) and DOTS HQ can read them. If your findings are exciting, we may ask for permission to post them on the main DOTS website.