DOTS Inventors

DOTS Inventors help dreamers to imagine new creations which can solve real-life problems. They tinker with technology, remix materials and hack and fix machines and dreams. Experts in experimentation, they can improvise and work creatively within constraints.

Catching Dreams

When DOTS Inventorscatch a dream in their dream machines, they investigate the evidence that they find inside to uncover the identity of the dreamer. They ask perceptive questions, think critically about what the dream reveals (and doesn’t reveal) and develop theories about what the dream might mean. Dream machines catch all sorts of things including letters, clothes, diaries, keys and photographs. One dream contained a golden crown covered in rubies and diamonds
As new evidence is revealed, D.O.T.S Detectives adapt their theories and their views aboutthe reliability of the sources. When they discover the identity of the dreamer they report back to the D.O.T.S. Dream Director. Full and detailed records ofevery dream that is caughtare kept in the D.O.T.S Headquarters.

Fixing Dreams

D.O.T.S detectives create and fix dreams in order to help the dreamer solve the problem they are experiencing. To do this they create new artefacts whichreveal information about the past (or the future). Great care must be taken when preparing the dreams to ensure that the information is accurate and that it is communicated in ways which the dreamer will understand.