Dreams do not disappear once you have dreamed them. They escape from our brains and float up to the sky. Millions of dreams are up there right now. The dreams you dreamed yesterday are there, mingling with the dreams of people who lived hundreds of years ago.

DOTS was founded by Clara Vestibule. She set up a secret society to study dream clouds. She became the first DOTS Dream Director. Since then there have been many directors, but all of them have kept their names a secret

All our DOTS agents are real people, solving real-life problems, with real-life technology and real-life friends! We believe in dreaming as a way of exploring new ideas and possibilities. Some people believe that big friendly giants visit sleeping children and blow dreams in their ears through giant trumpets. Whilst we believe that this may be a possibility (many things are possible in the world of dreams) we also think a little differently about things… We know the secrets of dream science. Perhaps the real question is ‘are dreams real?’ If they are, then so are the DOTS!

To catch a dream you need a dream machine called a dream catcher. You can build one yourself using our Dream Machine Manual as a guide. Or you can borrow a dream catcher from DOTS HQ. Once you have the machine, all you need to do is place it next to a window and wait… We have a special scanner at DOTS HQ which tells us if there is a dream storm in the area. Watch the short clip below to see a typical dream storm reading.

Watch this video to find out more:

When people are worried or a little bit sad, sometimestheir dreams are not very nice so we aim to improve them so that the dreamer can have a happier dream.Some of the most creative ideas and fantastic solutions have come from a simple day dream or after a good night’s sleep.The dreams we fix are designed to help dreamers to solve their problems.

We don’t let our agents meddle in dream science without proper training. Every agent has to learn the rules so that everyone can snooze softly at night. In fact, we present all new agents with a Handbook of DOTS Dos and DOTS Don’ts to keep everyone safe. If DOTS agents have any questions about dream science we are always happy to answer them.

The process is quite simple. You need to complete the application form and send it to us. We will then give you a training task so you can prove you have the skills needed to become an agent. A common task we often set is asking you to design and build your own Dream Machine but there are many other mysterious tasks we set too. Once we are sure that you have what it takes to catch and fix dreams we will give you your first mission. Teachers can get in touch using the Get in Contact form at the foot of the website