DOTS Explorers

DOTS Explorers help dreamers to investigate and discover new places. They plan and navigate safe and exciting pathways across space and timeand they are experts at interpreting and creating interactive maps and guides.

Catching Dreams

When you dream, where do you travel to? When DOTSExplorerscatch a dream in their dream machines, they begin trying to uncover the location of the dreamer. There is often informationin the dream (inphotographs, diaries and in sounds) which revealsthe terrain, temperature andtypes of creatures that live near the dreamer, andwhich give clues as to their whereabouts. DOTS Explorers are fascinated by the varied places, people, resources and environments they encounter in the dreams they find. Discovering dreams from people in the past often reveals a great deal about how the world we live in has changed. Humans have changed the face of the earth in strange and remarkable ways and use the world’s resources in very different ways now to those a hundredyears ago

Fixing Dreams

D.O.T.S Explorers are experts at creating dreams which guide dreamers to safety. A dream team from a school in Wales in the UK once helped a group of men escape from a mine by creating an audio map to guide them through the pitch black tunnels.D.O.T.S. agents have also created many dreams which have inspired people to explore the planet and make exciting new discoveries