NEW DREAM FIXED! Florence Nightingale

There is a good chance you will have heard of Florence Nightingale, she is a true hero of history. Known as the Lady of the Lamp, she is most famous for her work as a nurse treating soldiers in a war in Crimea (a place near Russia). But Florence’s biggest breakthrough was understanding the importance of keeping hospitals clean and hygienic. She noticed that when injured soldiers arrived in hospital, they got MORE sick, and tried to work out why.

Florence worked so hard, and thought so much about this problem that she started getting heavy dreams. This is where a team of D.O.T.S Agents from Scotland came in. They built a dream catcher which caught all of Florence’s notes and ideas about the problem. They put them together into a lovely light dream and zapped it back to Florence’s head. Their dream inspired Florence to solve the problem and save thousands of lives by making sure that Doctors and patients washed their hands and hospitals were cleaned properly.

D.O.T.S would like to say “go Flo!” As we salute a true hero of hygienic history.