NEW DREAM FIXED! Florence Nightingale

There is a good chance you will have heard of Florence Nightingale, she is a true hero of history. Known as the Lady of the Lamp, she is most famous for her work as a nurse treating soldiers in a war in Crimea (a place near Russia).

NEW DREAM FIXED! George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a great inventor. He helped thousands of farmers by showing them new crops they can grow in their farms. The most famous crop he showed farmers was the humble peanut.

Agent Harris invents the Snooze Snaffler M11

Snooze Snaffler Blueprint

A new dream catcher has been delivered to the DOTS HQ. It has been designed by Agent Harris, who made it in her bedroom out of old bits of junk she found around the house. It’s very impressive indeed!