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Dreams and fictional worlds are full of characters, movement and narrative. They can be real or imaginary worlds where very normal, or strange things happen. Can you create an animated dream with movement and life? Can you animate everyday objects to bring into the dream? Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you get started. 

Making Connections

Take time to think and talk about animations you have seen with others. This will help you to develop your ideas!

What is your favourite animation?

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Happy Feet
Lost and Found

Developing Skills

Can you list all the skills that you develop whilst you are learning how to animate? Do you need different skills to use different software and devices? 

Challenge 1

Create a character out of playdoh and make it move

Digital Game

Playdoh Touch (Free with in-app purchases)


Activity from MakerSchools

Online Tutorials:

Review of some features


Make your own play dough with everyday ingredients

Challenge 2

Animate an object so it looks as if it is moving across your desk

Stop Motion

Stop Motion Studio App (There is a free and paid version)


Introduction to Animation

Online Tutorials:

First Steps with Stop Motion Studio


Make your own play dough with everyday ingredients

Challenge 3

Make an animation that responds to your movements


Scratch Video Sensing


Educator Guide (Video Sensing)

Online Tutorials:

Introduction to Video Sensing Blocks


Examples of Video Sensing Projects

Asking Questions

Asking questions about the animations we watch helps us to understand that other people may have different views to us. People interpret things differently because everyone has different knowledge and experience.

Making a Dream for a Penguin

Tinkering and Remixing


Now you have explored animation and developed your skills, have a go at making a dream! You can make a dream for anyone. Everyone needs dreams, even animals.

 Far, far away on a distant iceberg there sits a penguin who dreams of understanding more about different places.  Can you create an animated dream for the Penguin and help them to imagine, and understand different worlds?

Here are some books and animations to inspire you:

Stories about penguin adventures:

Penguin animations:

Making Connections

Applying Skills

Suggested resources:
Play-Doh Touch App
Play-Doh tubs

Create a penguin out of playdough and use the Playdoh touch app to take it on an imaginary adventure. What kind of place is it? How can you transform the place to make it more exciting or interesting for the Penguin? How will the penguin feel when they explore your landscape? Which parts of the landscape will look familiar to the dreamer or strange? 

Suggested resources:

First you will need a penguin to animate. You could draw a penguin on card or paper and cut it out or you could make a playdoh model or use toy penguin figure). Next you will need to think about the place that the penguin will explore. You could use a printout of a scene or you could choose an area of your house or the playground. Can you make familiar places seem wonderful? What fun could the penguin have with that mug on the table or a pencil?  

Can you animate a penguin, so it responds to your movements? Can you make a dream using this software that changes when you move and interact with the Penguin?

Asking Questions

When you have made your dream ask yourself three questions about your animation.

How can you find the answers?